A blog? What? Why?

Greetings everyone who clicked the link to this page! Thanks for your curiosity!

Welcome to BlumersBoosters, a blog that will discuss significant people from the past and present. I decided to create this blog for three reasons:

  1. Shameless Self Promotion – I have written a dystopian sci fi novel. In the hopes of eventually getting my novel represented and published, this blog will serve as a platform with which I can begin to grow a readership.
  2. Character – In a world where indulgence, self projection, and instant gratification are rampant – a little character booster seems apropos. My goal is to write about noteworthy characters who reflect the best mankind has to offer while also being relate-able. The type of people who overcome adversity while staying grounded and humble.
  3. Advocacy – The planet is burning up and technology is racing forward. Humans are more able to influence and manipulate each other then ever before. By spending a brief moment every other day thinking about great people, together we can begin to understand how we can solve our great challenges.

    The subjects of this blog will exemplify immense self mastery and the power of one to propound ideas that surge the human context forward. So without further ado, our first subject:

Socrates taught us to question everything. His method of gaining wisdom and achieving a mutually agreed upon truth today stands as the foundation of the scientific method. We begin with a hypothesis and distill it until a definitive conclusion is reached.


Socrates was also a role model for a higher form of human excellence. He warned of the emptiness of materialism. Socrates wore no shoes and the same dirty woolen cloak all year round. Despite ridicule he was certain it was better to pursue well being rather then wealth. He was a role model for civil disobedience. He constantly challenged the Athenian government to be better, creating tension and ultimately getting Socrates sentenced to death.


As when he was merely ridiculed, Socrates stood tall for what he believed in whilst in the face of death. His life wasn’t in vain though, he taught us that an unexamined life is not worth living. Socrates was brave, wise, and committed to the well being of all.

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