We Are The World

Today’s honoree is the maestro of the last century. His worked has spanned both decades and genres. He produced Michael Jackson’s Thriller, worked with Frank Sinatra, created the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and gave Oprah her first big role. With his talented ear and imaginative mind, Quincy Jones has carried an atmosphere of creativity to every project he ever got involved with.

Quincy is also an avid humanitarian. He was born in 1933, and thrived despite living in a segregated America until he was 31. Perhaps this is why Quincy is so driven work on a better tomorrow. One of his greatest humanitarian accomplishments was producing “We Are the World” raising $63 million for famine relief and creating a beautiful song in the process.

Quincy also tirelessly works for other charities including UNICEf, mentorship programs, and several arts/culture initiatives. Quincy’s life and legacy prove that we can all overcome adversity, if we aim for the beautiful notes along the way.

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