A Woman With A Legacy

Cleopatra is an excellent example of a leader who masterfully played her hand of cards. She could conquer hearts and armies with ease, despite her tumultuous beginnings as a leader. I would argue she has a lot of parallels with another powerful female leader we all love:

When Cleopatra’s father left the throne for her and her brother Ptolemy to share, Ptolemy exiled her. So Cleopatra fled to Syria and raised an army. When that wasn’t enough she had herself smuggled into Cesear’s Palace in a rolled up rug. There she used her alluring charm to seduce Caesar into falling in love with her. With Ceasar’s muscle she returned to Eygpt and crushed her brother Ptolemy.

When Ceasar was assassinated Cleopatra didn’t give up, she kept on truckin. Cleopatra quickly used her aesthetic and sexual appeal to bring Marc Antony, a powerful Roman, into the palm of her hand. Together they returned to Alexandria with triumphant flair. Cleopatra’s successive conquests held her country together and proved her to be as savvy of a leader as any of her male counterparts.

Cleopatra’s incredible love was ultimately her demise. When Marc Antony was falsely informed of her death, he killed himself. Cleopatra bravely followed suit, choosing to be bit by a poisonous cobra. Cleopatra is one of the first fearless women to overcome a male dominated society using passion, love, cunning, and might.

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