A Man With A Powerfully High Perspective

Sid Meier is the creator of a game that changed my life, and it can change yours too. Beware though, learning to play is not easy! Sid Meier’s Civilization, is a deep, complex and demanding game that is chock full of meaningful choices. To win, one must build a civilization that stands the many tests of time. From the dawn of man to the space age you must lead your civilization:


Waging War
Conducting Diplomacy & Espionage
Researching New Technologies
Nourishing Culture, Happiness, Commerce and Growth


As your civilization’s leader you must cultivate your people.  Like a deity, your decisions sway the worlds’ paths. You determine your nation’s character– traditional or liberal, commercial or cultural, rational or pious, autocratic or free. Whether you’re raising armies, building monuments, establishing trade routes, or erecting world wonders like The Great Wall, The Tahj Mahal, and Machu Pichu; every civilization has a unique identity.



The powerfully high perspective of Sid Meier’s creation makes it more than just a game, it is a reflection of humanity.


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