Assembling for Growth

Today’s rad and inspirational person is my buddy Garrett P.


Garrett earned this accolade for his recent mitzvah, helping me set up my brand new Foody 12. The Foody 12 is a hydroponic growing tower made by Foody Vertical Gardens. In these towers you can grow roughly 40 plants. You can grow tomatoes, peppers, kale, herbs, and more. Step one to growing these greens is assembling the tower.


Initially Garrett and I were a bit intimidated by all the parts that came with the Foody, but the directions were really helpful and we had the ball rolling in no time. The first thing we did was set up the pump and put it in the base reservoir of the tower.


One really cool feature of the Foody is that the tower rotates giving every plant an equal opportunity for precious light. The mechanism for this is that the tower sits on a ring of ball bearings.


Of course there is one more piece on top of the bearings, a gear that locks into an (optional) automatic pump that slowly rotates the tower.


The next step was to figure out how to get the plumbing worked out. Here is Garrett diligently reading the directions.

What a patient mensch Garrett is.

The plumbing actually turned out to be really simple. The pipes have wedged stoppers attached – all you have to do is push the stoppers into pre-fashioned holes in the tower trumpets.


Once you have all the pipes set up, you simply snap the growing pockets onto the trumpets.


Then stacking them up with the rubber hose through the pipes is easy as 1,2,3.


Lastly you pop a lid on the hose and another lid on top of the tower – then you’re done! All in all, a very easy assembly process. The directions actually made sense unlike the all too common product assembly nightmare we’ve all experienced at least once in our lives.

And there you have it, a fully assembled Foody 12.

The only thing stopping this tower from being a habitat for roughly 40 plants is that I haven’t set up the hydroton (growing medium) and that I haven’t planted my seeds yet. You’ll have to check back in a few weeks for an update on the actual growing!

To learn more about the Foody Vertical Gardens, read my interview with their president, Greg Hendick or visit their website.

A special thanks to Garrett for all his help!


2 thoughts on “Assembling for Growth

  1. […] Then soon enough I had my very first sprouts. Every 2-3 days I added more water, making sure the cubes stayed moist but not drenched. Once the sprouts’ roots are poking through the bottom of the plug, they are ready to be transplanted into the Foody tower. I’ll post about the transplanting process next! If you missed the post on setting up my Foody, click this link. […]


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