Prepping the Foody for Plants

This week I transplanted my sprouts into my Foody tower. Before I could get the plants in their new home though, I had to choose a spot to put my tower.


I chose this spot as there is some sun and some shade. I live in Los Angeles where the sun can get pretty intense, so I figured my plants would appreciate a bit of shade. Of course the sun moves in the sky, and the tower spins, so the plants still get plenty of sun.

I also chose this spot to keep the tower away from Rocky the hungry tortoise!

With the reservoir full of water, and the tower reassembled, I turned on the pump and watched as the trumpets on the tower filled with water. Once the trumpets seemed full, I put a some more water in the reservoir leaving about 3 inches off the top.

Then it was time to make sure the nutrient and PH levels were good before I could nestle the plans in their new abode.

My tomato sprouts are on the left.

The PH was super easy to test. I filled up the little vile with water from the tower and put in 3 drops from the tester bottle on the left. This turned the clear water to greenish yellowish color, which means my tap water’s PH is optimum for growing. No need to even use the up or down.

For the nutrient levels, I used a handy little blue device called a TDS tester.


The initial readings on my TDS test were around 350. Greg, Foody’s founder, told me to put in enough nutrients to get the test around 700-800 for when the plants are still sprouts, and then about 1,100 when they are larger.

It takes about 5 minutes for the water to fully circulate through the tower. So I measured out a 1 cup of Pure Blend Pro at a time until I got to around 750. I was pretty surprised by how little nutrients it took to get the tower at the appropriate level. Don’t over pour your nutrients!

Also, be sure to use the Pure Blend Grow first, the bloom is for later.

Anyway, I think that’s enough for now. My next post will be about actually moving the plants into their new habitat. Check out my earlier posts on assembling the tower and getting the sprouts ready in the tray if you’re curious to read more about my growing journey.

2 thoughts on “Prepping the Foody for Plants

  1. […] bottom of the plug, they are ready to be transplanted into the Foody tower. I’ll post about getting the nutrient and ph levels right next! If you missed the post on setting up my Foody, click this […]


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