In my last post I talked about how I got my Ph, water, and nutrient levels just right. Now it is time to transplant my sprouts into their new habitat, my Foody 12.

As always, the first thing we had to do was read the directions.


They’re actually pretty simple steps. First, check to see if the roots are coming out the bottom of the plugs.


The roots don’t need to be too far out the bottom. Just a bit, and they will find their way through the holes in the plant pockets. Next we place the hole plug in the plant pocket, and then put the hydroton plant!t clay pebbles around the young plants.


For the plants on the bottom of the tower, above the reservoir, there is one extra step. We take a piece of the rope that is included with the tower, feed it through the cups, and cut it in half.

Rocky lost interest in what we were doing.

These ropes soak up the water and give the roots something to grab onto as they grow their way down to the reservoir. Then we just repeat the process of putting the hydroton around the plants until the tower is full.

We got Rocky’s attention when he saw the plants.
Rocky is getting hungry.
And there you have it, the plants are in their new home!

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